Lassonde Studios floor plans, University of Utah

New Lassonde Studios Floor Plans

We have new floor plans for the Lassonde Studios, our new maker and residential community at the University of Utah! Take a look to find out more about the layout of the furniture and more. Each floor will have a different variety of work and seating spaces. In these floor plans, you’ll also see where we plan to have TV screens for information, gaming and whatever you want. Notice the TV screens in the loft and pod residences. Browse floor plans by clicking the images below.

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    • Hello, Roxy! Lassonde Studios is located at 1701 Student Life Way, Salt Lake City, UT 84112. We’re on the campus map! Find it here: The building is in the middle of campus, so all students have easy access, between the Tanner Humanities building and the new Student Life building. We can’t wait to move in on Aug. 18!

    • Hello, Audrey. Residents will have a variety of parking options. We’ll have a parking lot next to the building, and there will be additional options, including covered parking, at other locations. Detailed parking information for campus can be found here: Don’t miss the campus parking map.

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