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No Society Media: Making Professional Video & Photos Accessible for Everyone

Professional video and photo production quality is often not an option for small businesses and personal projects, but Syd Ostendorf is changing that as the founder of No Society Media and an entrepreneurship and film student at the University of Utah.

Ostendorf’s company aims to make high-end, commercial work accessible to everyone. She wants to help companies opt for a sophisticated, cinematic style for their advertisements in place of flashy, loud graphics. No Society Media uses filmmaking and communications strategies to fit her clients’ specific needs. “I want to use storytelling in the approach of high-end Hollywood techniques for things that might not have that access,” Ostendorf said.

No Society Media is currently ran solo by Ostendorf. She has received support from the Lassonde Entrepreneur Institute, including money from the Get Seeded grant program and guidance through the Company Launch program. Ostendorf first heard about these opportunities during her freshman year at the University of Utah when she was a resident at Lassonde Studios. She also participated in Lassonde+X, which has allowed her to take more entrepreneurship classes to aid in her business and pursue a minor in entrepreneurship.

Film and photography were a hobby of hers starting in the fourth grade that blossomed through personal projects and graphic design work. Ostendorf’s primary clientele consists of brands, music artists and startups. No Society Media has made music videos for local artists and commercial material for Coalatree, Soaked City collective, barber shops, local apparel shops and various social media influencers.

Ostendorf is primarily self-taught, many of her skills came from trial and error and lessons through YouTube.

In the next five years, Ostendorf sees No Society Media moving to a larger city to capitalize on entrepreneurship opportunities and work with larger businesses and artists. She plans on building a small, but specialized team to help her make No Society Media her full-time job.

Through the Lassonde Entrepreneurial Institute and Company Launch, No Society Media has created a network of entrepreneurs who have allowed her to work with more startups and small businesses. Her main source of outreach is word of mouth, referrals and Instagram. She hopes to continue to build her network through the Company Launch program at Lassonde Studios.

When asked what her biggest piece of advice was for people who want to start working in film and photography, Ostendorf said, “Just start doing it. You don’t have to have the most equipment or know everything off-the-bat. As long as you keep doing, you will learn and it will grow.”

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