OneHealth+: Improving Global Health through Financial Innovation

Born and raised in Ghana and a 2023 CNN Hero, Osei Boateng is improving global health by simplifying how people pay for healthcare with his startup OneHealth+. He is growing the business in the Master of Business Creation (MBC) at the University of Utah’s David Eccles School of Business.

OneHealth+ is a digital platform that offers a “healthpass” for people to pay for their healthcare or someone else’s from anywhere in the world. Powered by blockchain technology, the platform is designed to provide transparency, security, and efficiency in healthcare payments.

“By moving away from traditional payment methods, we are eliminating the common issues associated with them,” said Boateng, who joined the MBC program after receiving a biology degree and a master’s in degree in healthcare administration from Cornell University. “Our platform is committed to making quality healthcare services accessible to everyone, and our digital healthpass is a key component of this mission.”

Boateng’s inspiration for OneHealth+ stems from personal experiences in rural Ghana, where health disparities were stark. Witnessing community members embark on challenging journeys for healthcare, Boateng decided to take action.

“My goal with OneHealth+ is ambitious yet essential: to eliminate financial barriers to timely healthcare access, ensuring that everyone can receive the care they need when they need it,” Boateng said. “The vision behind OneHealth+ is grounded in the belief that every life deserves equitable access to prompt, high-quality healthcare.”

In Ghana, Boateng witnessed the challenges faced by his community in accessing quality healthcare. Motivated by these experiences, Boateng founded the OKB Hope Foundation and has garnered recognition as a 2023 Young Global Changer and a top-10 2023 CNN Hero. His education and over five years of experience in hospital administration position him as a leader with a rich understanding of the healthcare landscape.

OneHealth+ has achieved notable milestones, including the successful completion of the Mass Challenge Accelerator program and securing the second position in the John D’silva pitch competition.

Enrolling in the Master of Business Creation program was a strategic decision to advance OneHealth+, Boateng said. The program’s structure, intensive coaching sessions, and collaborative learning environment have played a crucial role in refining his business model, developing a robust financial model, and creating a comprehensive marketing and sales strategy.

“The MBC faculty have a genuine dedication to supporting entrepreneurs like myself,” Boateng said. “Equally compelling is the cooperative spirit among peers in my cohort, where there’s a focus on mutual support for each other.”

OneHealth+ is not just a startup; it’s a transformative force in the healthcare industry, addressing crucial issues of accessibility and financing, Boateng said. As he continues his entrepreneurial journey, guided by the principles of equity and quality, he wants OneHealth+ to stand as a beacon of hope for a healthier, more accessible future in healthcare.

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  1. Ose Boateng demonstrates outstanding leadership and entrepreneurial spirit through his innovative platform OneHealth+.OneHealth+ is not only a business innovation, but also a social innovation that has a profound impact on global health.

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