Rendezvous Box: A Date Night Subscription Service

“I don’t know, what do you want to do?” Does this sound familiar when searching for date ideas? Well, a startup out of the University of Utah, led by students from the David Eccles School of Business, has solved this well-known issue.

The company, Rendezvous Box, is a date night subscription service that pairs couples with unique and local experiences tailored just for them.

One recent customer, Alissa Cordova, explained her experience with Rendezvous Box.

“I went to to find out more,” she said. “When signing up, they asked about our food and activity preference to tailor dates around our interests. Shortly after we confirmed the day and time of our date, we received our first Rendezvous in the mail! My husband and I opened the little red envelope together to reveal our much-anticipated date night location! Inside our package was our itinerary and everything needed for our date including tickets, vouchers, and directions! We were thrilled and couldn’t wait for the next week to pass for our date night to arrive. Our first date took us to the Homestead Crater where we swam in the hot springs. We have lived in Utah our entire lives and still had not done this! It was beautiful, relaxing and romantic. We kept asking each other why haven’t we done this yet? After, we walked across the street to brunch at a restaurant we had never tried. We decided to continue the adventure Rendezvous started for us and order something we wouldn’t normally have tried before and loved it. Rendezvous Box gave us the push we needed to spend time together and enjoy a brand-new experience. We loved our Rendezvous date. It got us out of the house, doing something new and we did not have to look at yelp once.”

Rendezvous Box is a date night subscription service that pairs couples with unique and local experiences tailored just for them.

The team that founded the company are from the University of Utah David Eccles School of Business. Brooke Mason graduated from the University of Utah last year with a bachelor’s in entrepreneurship, she is a co-founder and president of Rendezvous. She manages Rendezvous’ customer service and customer contact for their monthly dates. Russell Ballou graduated in spring 2018 with a bachelor’s in business administration. He handles the financial and operations and is the COO for Rendezvous. Most of his work is behind the scenes working on partnerships with local companies to help build Rendezvous’ client experience. Nikolette Moore is a graduate of the David Eccles School of Business with a bachelor’s degree in business administration. She manages the marketing and website and is the CEO for Rendezvous. All three students spent ample time at the Lassonde Institute and attended events such as Get Seeded. They said that watching other companies pitch their ideas and be judged was a key part in how they framed their ideas and company.

“We are all learning how to start our own companies, it is important to be open to other people’s ideas and criticism,” Moore said. “You may not think every idea or way of doing things is helpful, but you will still find value.”

To find out more about Rendezvous you can visit  and like them on Facebook @RendezvousBox and Instagram @Rendezvous_Box!

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