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Food is a central part of the college experience, and really, the life experience. Throughout our lives we are concerned with food and the older you get the more you think about where to get it.

MounTins solves this challenge in a fun and innovative way.

Founded by Aaron Dobron and Austin Scaccianoce, MounTins makes eating out fun. Dobron is majoring in material science and engineering with an emphasis in multidisciplinary design. Scaccianoce is majoring in entrepreneurship and multidisciplinary design. You can find their office in Lassonde Studios, where they are continuously working on improving the eating experience.

Here’s how it works: You purchase a tin for $20. Inside are 10 coasters, each uniquely designed by the two company founders, corresponding to 10 restaurants in Park City. Each coaster is good for $10 off at the restaurant it depicts. You can slip them in your pocket for a post-skiing snack or play a game of dinner roulette. They make great gifts, a fun adventure and a less expensive meal.

MounTins is a relatively inexpensive gift worth a $100 value. It takes the endless debate out of the age-old problem of where to go for dinner. Plus, you can branch out and try some local cuisine when your routine gets boring.

Dobron talked about their original idea: “We wanted to promote all the locally owned and operated restaurants in Park City. There are over 160 different restaurants up there, but tourists tend to target Main Street and miss some of the other options.”

Learn more and purchase a set of MounTins at

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