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Small Business To Go: Software Solutions for Small Businesses

In today’s world, it seems like there’s a software for everything. But how do small business owners know what to use — and how to use it? The digital space can be difficult for small businesses to navigate.

Small Business To Go provides a solution by bridging the gap between small businesses and the ever-growing digital landscape. They blend strategy development, proprietary software, and execution so small business owners can grow and automate their business without getting more overwhelmed.

Jeffrey Lunt, a founder of the startup who is in the Master of Business Creation at the University of Utah, recognizes the importance of helping small businesses grow. “These business owners are the lifeblood of our community,” he said. Small Business To Go partners with small business owners to find cost-effective ways to make their companies more efficient.

Most small businesses know that identifying the right opportunities and implementing the right software into their day-to-day operations are key to staying competitive. But developing digital strategies and implementing software takes time and money, two things that are often in short supply for small business owners.

Small Business To Go takes a practical and holistic approach to helping small businesses thrive. They start by evaluating a company’s unique opportunities and then develop strategies to achieve them. Then they optimize and automate operations using Engineous, a small business efficiency software that requires minimal involvement from the owner.

So far, the results have been promising. They’ve found that integrating their strategy, the Engineous software, and execution services quickly generates a positive return on investment. Small changes that prove too time-consuming for business owners to implement themselves can yield major results.

Small Business To Go provides software for businesses to optimize and automates operations.

Small Business To Go is different than other software or consulting companies that provide tools or strategies without individualized support. They deliver a comprehensive system and continued support throughout the implementation process. Lunt explained, “We’re like a pit crew for small businesses. We do the dirty work to make sure our clients reach their potential while slowing them down as little as possible. Small businesses are in a race, and we make sure they have what they need to win.” It’s this full-service approach and focus on local companies that sets Small Business To Go apart.

Lunt runs Small Business To Go with his dad and brother. His experience in the Master of Business Creation program has helped him narrow down a target customer profile and clarify his company’s value to local businesses.

“The MBC is an MBA-caliber program for a budding or existing business,” said Lunt. “Being able to take all of the theoretical concepts and apply them specifically to your business allows for great learning, growth, and development of flexibility and critical thinking.”

Small Business To Go currently operates primarily along the Wasatch Front and is planning to continue to expand its services throughout Utah. The longer-term goal is to make their model available in other states. Small Business To Go’s passion for helping small businesses coupled with its innovative approach is sure to make waves for local businesses throughout Utah.

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