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Startup Invited to Techstars World-Class Accelerator

The University of Utah affiliated startup Symptom.ly, along with nine other mobile health-related startup teams have arrived in Kansas City to build and strengthen their businesses in the inaugural Sprint Mobile Health Accelerator powered by Techstars. The three-month intensive mentor-driven program, located in Kansas City’s Crossroads District, has officially kicked off. Symptom.ly is looking forward to honing its business and utilizing this amazing opportunity which stemmed from amazing research and a simple idea.

“Sprint and Techstars have surrounded our team with top mentors, customers and investors to help move mobile health from the future into the present,” said Derek Bereit, Co-Founder/CEO of Symptom.ly.

eAsthma Tracker (Symptom.ly’s first product) was conceptualized by esteemed doctor’s Christopher Maloney, Bernhard Fassl, Flory Nkoy and Bryan Stone at the University of Utah. Their vision for improved asthma care led to the creation of the eAsthma Tracker system, an innovative, patient-centered tool designed to reduced hospital readmissions for child asthma patients. The electronic system was built to improve upon the remarkable paper-based results, a study in which 98 percent of the patients who frequently USED paper-based Asthma Tracker were NOT readmitted to the hospital.

In an effort to get eAsthma Tracker into the hands of as many asthma patients as possible, they have licensed the technology from the University of Utah. Lead programmer Dillon Lee has built a software platform from which they can deliver similar tools for patient surveillance and symptom monitoring for other chronic illnesses.

“Its great to take research developed by the University of Utah then use the resources we have here in Techstars to grow our business,” said Lee, the co-founder/CTO.

Symptom.ly received support from numerous departments at the University of Utah. The Lassonde Entrepreneur Institute paired the inventors with graduate students who helped develop the business strategy. The Technology and Venture Commercialization office also provided essential assistance.

The Symptom.ly team is combining their varied backgrounds to make Techstars a success and grow this life changing symptom management platform for both patients and doctors. CEO Derek Bereit, co-founder Shane Willard, CTO Dillon Lee, U of U students Matthew Allred, Justin Stevens and Weber State student Royal Bateman are working tirelessly to make this a reality.

Learn about Symptom.ly at www.symptom.ly or www.facebook.com/symptomly and www.twitter.com/symptomly.

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