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Summer 2018 Company Launch Startup Teams

Here’s a look at the 2018 summer startups in the Company Launch space (in alphabetical order):

BasicallYours — BasicallYours is an organic beauty and body product company with eco-friendly flair to it. They have a wide variety of scented deodorants along with facial and body products and other add-on accessories. Their products are made with the purest ingredients from around the world and organic, GMO free and cruelty-free with most of our products being vegan. They provide a high-end beauty and body product experience without the huge price tag or sacrificing on the quality.

Bitrageous — Bitrageous’ mission is to entertain, educate and empower people through technology.

Bushwhack — Bushwhack is an outdoor equipment company currently working on a design called the TIO Tent, a revolutionary tent that combines a hammock, a tent and a chair all into one unit!

Foster the Children — Benefit corporation dedicated to raising funds for children in foster care through marketing their designs on apparel, with proceeds going back to the children.

Gear Hold Technologies — Gear Hold Technologies is a CAD services company that keeps industrial companies focused on their product not their CAD. The majority of CAD service companies focus on what they know best, but Gear Hold focuses on what you need most. With their certified CAD professionals and smart API’s, they provide accurate and modern CAD models.

Item Rescue — Item Rescue is a business software application targeted towards hotels with over 150 rooms. The system streamlines the lost and found process, saves hotel staff time and increases guest satisfaction. Some of the key time-saving features include: quick item entry, intelligent inquiry matching, automated notifications with review links and integrated shipping for the return of items.

MounTins — MounTins wants to provide an incentive for locals and tourists in the Park City area that encourages the support of locally owned and operated restaurants. This is done by partnering with 20 iconic restaurants in the area and featuring them in a promotional pack. This pack contains 20 drink coasters with a value of $10 off your tab of $25 or more at each corresponding restaurant.

Nebucore — Founded in 2015, NebuCore is a SaaS-model enterprise resource planning (ERP) company focused on wholesale distribution and e-commerce industries. Currently powering about 40 live setups, NebuCore’s solution is utilized by a wide range of segments from electronics to building materials to food and medicine.

New Breath — Developing a superior laryngoscope solution using computer vision and doctor-friendly design.

SDG Footwear — SDG Footwear is a minimalistic, yet humanitarian, shoe company tasked with aiding the United Nations’ 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), all which aim to better our world. Each shoe design will specifically benefit a sub-group of one of the 17 SDGs.

SecondSole — At SecondSole, they aim to eliminate the problem of one shoe wearing down faster than the other while skateboarding and foot braking. Their product is a sleek cover for the bottom of your braking foot that keeps your shoes in the perfect condition they were when you first bought them.

Sit Up — A company developing an air-filled, adjustable remote-control bed pad that can lift and lower a person while they’re lying in bed. The product is designed to increase the end user’s comfort while making everyday tasks easier for caregivers.

Sole Case Displays — At Sole Case, they believe in being a trusted brand that creates elegant products while inspiring positivity in others. Their mission is to be the leading provider of premium footwear displays and create a brand that positively contributes to fashion and society as a whole.

Thoreau Living — Thoreau Living is a real estate development startup that seeks to create affordable, sustainable living spaces for communities by harnessing technology and simple living principles.

Venture Roots — An alumni engagement and investment platform designed to strengthen startup ecosystems at top universities.

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