The Turn Golf Club

The Turn Golf Club: A Luxury Indoor Golf Facility

The Turn Golf Club is a member’s only, luxury indoor golf facility located in Draper, Utah, that provides its members with detailed, instant feedback as well as alternative ways to enjoy golf that were previously impossible. Members book private bays where they can play golf courses from around the world (with about 200 courses to choose from), get detailed feedback on their swing and ball flight using shot analysis, or play fast-paced games similar to TopGolf. Members also get the benefit of sharing the facility with their family, friends and colleagues. Did we mention they are open 24/7?

The club was opened in 2021 by a team including Ryan Cannon, who enrolled in the Master of Business Creation program at the University of Utah’s David Eccles School of Business, a top-ranked school for entrepreneurship, to grow the business with help from one-on-one mentorship, a full scholarship, and access to funding. The program is offered in person or online.

The Turn Golf Club is celebrating one year of business and the expansion of two new bays with an open house on Tuesday, Nov. 1, from 4-9 p.m.  The event will feature more than $2,000 in giveaways and free food.

The club makes state-of-the-art, flight-monitor and simulator technology accessible to golfers of all skill levels to help them improve their golf game. “Our aim is to bring the same technology the pros use to the average everyday golfer on a wider scale,” Cannon said. “Instant feedback is invaluable when you’re trying to improve your game. We want you to get that on every swing in our facility.”

Cannon highlighted many of the common pitfalls with current golf practice that actually sets many golfers up to fail.

“Historically, driving ranges are the most common place where people practice their game,” he said. “The problem with driving ranges is that most use limited flight or extremely durable golf balls that are drastically different from what golfers use when they play on the course. Additionally, many distance markers at driving ranges aren’t accurate so when you are determining how far you hit your clubs you are basing it off poor information.”

At The Turn Golf Club, you can use the same ball you play on the course and use the same technology (Trackman Golf) that the majority of PGA players use for feedback and even the same technology the PGA tour uses to provide data on broadcasts.

Between work, family, and hobbies, Cannon found it increasingly more difficult to make time for golf. “Golf takes a lot of time — one of the beauties of our facility is that you can golf 18 holes in under an hour,” Cannon said. “You also get the added bonus of weather never being an issue.”

Cannon was introduced to the Master of Business Creation program by his wife, Anneke Cannon, who was a member of the inaugural cohort in 2019. “Seeing Anneke go through the program, I was amazed by the quality of content, the faculty/mentors and how invested they were in not only each business but the individual students, and the camaraderie of the cohort,” he said.

Learn more about The Turn Golf Club  at or on Instagram @theturngolfclub.

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