Utah Entrepreneur Challenge

Top-10 Teams Selected in Utah Entrepreneur Series

The top 10 submissions were chosen from a pool of 30 finalists of the Utah Entrepreneur Challenge (UEC) today. The UEC is administered by the Utah Entrepreneur Series, a division of the Lassonde Entrepreneur Institute and David Eccles School of Business at the University of Utah. Early last month, the top 30 finalists were chosen from a pool of 126 total submissions. Each team is competing for the $40,000 grand prize offered by competition sponsor Zions Bank.

The finalist pool consists of teams representing 11 colleges and universities across the state of Utah. A wide array of industries are also represented by these teams. The top 10 include food product manufacturing and distribution (Cowboy Kolaches), an online system for doctors to view comprehensive family health history (ItRunsInmyFamily.com), Alzheimer rehabilitation tools, custom key manufacturing, medical devices and a host of other technologies.

“Our diversified panel of judges were diligent in their review of the submissions and left nothing on the table in their analysis,” said Jared Steele, director of judging for the Utah Entrepreneur Series. “The quality of competition this year has been impressive. Overall, the Utah Entrepreneur Series continues to be the flagship platform for student entrepreneurs in the state.”

The final round of judging will take place on March 29. The event will consist of team presentations and a review of business plans. The top 10 teams are invited to the Final Awards Banquet on April 15, when the winner will be announced.

The top 10 finalists in the UEC are (in no particular order):

  • AudienceIn – A technology which uses smartphone software and “gamification” platforms to help create audience interaction with presenters. (University of Phoenix)
  • nanoKeys – A company that allows various keys to be scanned digitally and then resized. Available online or through a kiosk. (Utah State University)
  • Alterniity GmbH – A virtual gaming solution that incorporates both physical and cognitive training to prevent the onset and effects of Alzheimer’s. (University of Utah)
  • 6S Medical LLC – An improved fascial closing device for laparoscopic surgery. (University of Utah)
  • Doxy.me – A telemedicine tool that is HIPA compliant, free, easily customizable and simple to use. (University of Utah)
  • Material Trunk – Website for architects that brings construction material into an easy-to-navigate interface. (University of Utah)
  • ItRunsInmyFamily.com – Online program to collect family health history, for a more personalized risk assessment compared to population based assessments. (University of Utah)
  • Veritas Medical, LLC – A laser device that uses light to disinfect medical catheters. (University of Utah)
  • Cowboy Kolaches – Developed a machine to mass produce kolaches (slightly sweet, buttery bread that is stuffed) for distribution to food retailers. (Brigham Young University)
  • Sew Demanding – Custom, on-demand fabric options. (Weber State)

For more information on the Utah Entrepreneur Challenge visit www.ues.utah.edu.

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