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Track Campus Shuttles with New Student App

In response to the lacking presence of a native iOS application for the University of Utah’s shuttle system, Nick Porter, a Lassonde Studios resident and computer science student, developed an application to provide detailed real-time information to students, staff and visitors across the campus.

Shuttle tracking app

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The iOS app features the ability to track all of the university shuttles in real time. Shuttle locations update automatically to ensure all locations are live. The app also allows users to get stop arrival estimates. A user can tap on a stop to receive a live estimation for when the next shuttle will arrive at the given stop. Users are also able to find the closest stops to their current location and view all the estimations for a nearby stop.

The app allows users to cater their experience to their liking. Some users may prefer to view an entire shuttle route, while some may prefer to get all information on a particular stop. The application allows users to get detailed estimates based on a stop or a route, through a beautiful user interface.

Download the iOS app here.

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