Travel to Europe in Summer 2019: Global Entrepreneurship Program

All students at the University of Utah can apply now to travel to Europe for summer 2019 through the Global Entrepreneurship Program, which is provided by the Department of Entrepreneurship & Strategy at the David Eccles School of Business. Participating students will gain entrepreneurial experience while creating a startup or innovation of their own, being taught and mentored by U faculty members, and visiting some of Europe’s most innovative cities and companies. Students from all majors and backgrounds may take advantage of this significant opportunity.

“Studying abroad is definitely an eye-opening experience,” said Kat Jones, a student on the Global Entrepreneurship Program trip in 2018. “For me, it took me far outside of my comfort zone and allowed me to stretch and learn new things about myself.”

During the program, students will take five entrepreneurship courses from University of Utah professors who will also provide mentorship as students learn to create, finance, market and sell ventures of their own design. Completing the courses will earn students a certificate in entrepreneurship, a differentiator for students of any major. For students still finishing up their undergrad credits, the courses taken on the Global Entrepreneurship Program trip will cover four general education requirements.

“We wanted this program to be relevant for students of any background,” said Cesar Sanchez, the manager of the Global Entrepreneurship Program. “Knowing how to generate a venture and how to network and find resources for their success are invaluable skills for anyone in any field of study.”

The Europe trip will take place in three countries: Italy, France and Israel. Home base for classes will be Nice, France, where the partnering university, Côte d’Azur, is well known for innovation and sustainability initiatives. In Nice, students will also visit international companies, meet with local leaders and intern with various companies throughout the summer. The program also takes students to visit Rome, Italy, as well as Tel-Aviv and Jerusalem in Israel.

Last spring, the Global Entrepreneurship Program took 16 aspiring entrepreneurs on a unique, immersive semester-long trip through Asia. The students lived in and took University of Utah classes at a Korean University in Seoul, Korea, interned with different international startups and earned a certificate in entrepreneurship. In addition to broadly exploring South Korea, the group traveled to and toured Shanghai, China, Phuket, Thailand and Tokyo and Kyoto, Japan.

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