The Utah Box- a creative startup formed by local college students who met at a Lassonde workshop.

U of U Students Box Up Utah

Two University of Utah students who met at a Lassonde Institute workshop have just launched The Utah Box. The Utah Box is a gift box that includes handpicked items that are specific to Utah. This gift box is purchased as a gift to send to friends and family that live outside of the state.

Alex DeCapri and Jaron Hall founded The Utah Box, and they both love the vibrant atmosphere in Salt Lake City, the beautiful outdoors of Utah and everything else that makes this spot in the country so great.

For those of us that live here everyday, it’s easy to see why Utah is such a unique and wonderful place. However, many people outside of the state can’t comprehend just what it is that makes this place so special. For people that used to live here and moved away, it seems that they can never fully explain how amazing Utah truly is.

“I moved to Utah from Virginia with no friends or family in the state. Nobody back home really knows anything about Utah except that it snows and is super cold. I wanted to show them what it’s all about,” DeCapri said.

That’s when DeCapri and Hall  came up with The Utah Box. They have spent weeks finding items that are iconic to Utah. Some examples include local Utah honey, salt, instant snow and more. “A customer goes onto our website and picks a 5, 7 or 10 item box, and then they build their own box by choosing which items they want out of our selection of over 25 items,” DeCapri said.

After the customized box is created, it can be sent to friends and family who used to live in Utah, students and military abroad, or anybody who may want a “taste of Utah” in the form of a gift box. They also have plans for getting their boxes into the corporate gift market.

“We have big plans for the future,” DeCapri said. “With Jaron’s experience in e-commerce in his several business ventures before this, we thought, ‘Why not expand this past Utah and give other people in different states the same chance to show off what makes their homes great too?’”

These two entrepreneurs are rolling with their momentum – be on the lookout for The Florida Box and The San Francisco Box launching soon!  In the meantime, learn more about The Utah Box at



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