Up&Oat: A Tasty and Convenient Breakfast

Getting a balanced breakfast every morning can be hard, especially as a college student with limited time and space. Jack Urness, a mechanical engineering student at the University of Utah, is working on a solution. He is the founder of Up&Oat, a company making an overnight oat mix that only requires milk or water.

Urness struggled to find time in the mornings to eat a breakfast that met his nutritional needs. He started making overnight oats, which are rolled oats soaked in milk overnight, to save time in the morning.

“Up&Oat was created to solve my breakfast problem, but I found it’s a problem that I share with many other college students,” Urness said. “I thought if I had a good recipe, maybe people would buy it. I started perfecting a dry mix where all you have to do is add liquid and let it sit overnight.”

After months of work, Urness has created a mix that contains 23 grams of protein per serving, has no added sugar, and uses whole ingredients. While overnight oats are usually made with milk, the Up&Oat product contains nonfat milk powder, so the customer can use water and retain the flavor. The result is a tasty, dorm room-friendly breakfast.

The programs at the Lassonde Entrepreneur Institute have helped Urness launch his business. He received funding through the Get Seeded program and has attended Lassonde Workshops to learn about brand creation and other aspects of starting a business. He is using that funding and knowledge to work on a brand logo and packaging label.

“It’s been hard to find a sustainable way to package and create a product in high volume as a student living in a dorm room,” Urness said. “I’m excited to have an official, packaged product.”

Urness hopes to have the product available to purchase soon. If you’re looking for a quick, filling breakfast, keep an eye out for Up&Oat.

Learn more about Up&Oat at upandoat.com or on Instagram @upandoat.

About the Author:

Despina Giannopoulos Despina is the marketing coordinator at the Lassonde Entrepreneur Institute. She grew up in Salt Lake City and has a B.S. in communications from the University of Utah.

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