Yama Experiences

Yama Experiences: Connecting You to Unique Activities

Yama Experiences is a company making it easy to try something new by connecting you to unique and valuable experiences. The founder, Nikko Wood, a University of Utah student, alongside co-founders’ Demetri Zervos and Bella Wood and have been working with Lassonde Entrepreneur Institute‘s programs to scale the business toward providing many unique experience offerings for Yama users. They will start in Salt Lake City and then expand to experience hot spots.

“Salt Lake City has an immense experience infrastructure. There are so many talented people who partake in incredible activities,” Nikko Wood said. But the lack of gear, knowledge, or friends for local experiences, like rock climbing, skiing, and even hiking, can prevent people from experiencing the joys of life.

“Experiencing a Yama life is much more fulfilling than living a sedentary life,” Zervos said. With that philosophy in mind, Yama seeks experiences ranging from repelling down a canyon to peaceful meditations. Trying new things is more difficult without the gear, knowledge, or friends. Yama Experiences solves that problem by creating a decentralized marketplace connecting experience guides to customers seeking unique and valuable experiences; users can search, find, and book incredible experiences on the Yama Experiences website.

Yama is in pursuit of forging a more accessible world for those who want to reach out of their comfort zone, explore new hobbies, or create new experiences. Yama enables people to foster a life well-lived. “Yama, at its core, is rooted in spontaneity, and satisfying the curiosity and desire for new experiences in life” Bella Wood said.

Nikko Wood is an operations and supply chain major at the University of Utah. Zervos and Bella Wood are UI/UX majors at Michigan State University. Together, over the past three years, they have built Yama from idea to reality with the help of Lassonde’s Make and Company Launch programs.

To find an experience that you’ve always wanted to do, go to yamaexperiences.com. Yama Experiences allows you to not just live life, but to experience it.

To see their new experience announcements and more, follow their Instagram @yama_experiences.

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