Launch at Lassonde

14 Tips for Launching at Lassonde

1. Join Community, Subscribe & Follow Us

Join the community and stay connected by subscribing to our email newsletter and following us on social media.

2. Master the Mindset

Learn creative problem-solving skills that will serve you well no matter what the future holds.

3. Live at Lassonde Studios

Immerse yourself in everything we have to offer by joining the Lassonde 400 residential group. It will change your life!

4. Launch Something

We challenge every student to create something and launch it. You choose what.

5. Get a Degree

Get a degree, minor or certificate in entrepreneurship from the David Eccles School of Business.

6. Match Your Passion with a Purpose

You’ll be unstoppable when you find the perfect mix of passion and purpose.

7. Show Up and Do

You won’t get anywhere if you don’t show up. Browse our event calendar, then jump in!

8. Participate in Everything

We have plenty of programs to choose from. Most are free and open to all students.

9. Find a Team

Find the perfect team to launch an idea. Meet people in our programs and on the first floor.

10. Get Funded

Take advantage of our many grant opportunities to build your first prototype, reach your first sale and beyond!

11. See One, Do One, Teach One

We advocate learning by doing, then we take it a step further by giving you the chance to teach your peers.

12. Fail Fast, Fail Cheap

You will learn as much from your failures as your successes. We provide you with a safe place to test your ideas.

13. Be a Student Leader

Learn to lead by running a student program. Apply to be a student leader. Scholarships available!

14. Check Out the Business Scholars

The David Eccles School of Business offers a premier program for incoming freshmen.

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