Camspire: A Jewelry Company Created to Spread Inspiration

Camryn Polansky, a sophomore studying entrepreneurship at the University of Utah and a resident at Lassonde Studios, is growing her jewelry company Camspire with the goal to raise awareness for mental health and suicide. Each piece is handmade and serves as a reminder of positivity.

“I hope to inspire and educate individuals with my jewelry,” she said. By doing this, Polansky hopes these serious issues will be an easier topic to talk about, and let people know they are never alone.

Camspire jewelry can be purchased on the company website now. Polansky also expects to be selling at the University of Utah Campus Store soon.

The company currently offers chain-work necklaces. It has plans to offer a wide variety of products such as hats, decor, cards, and apparel. They will be matched with collections for causes including LGBTQ and suicide awareness.

Polansky said, “When people and customers understand my message, it is so rewarding.” She added that the most important thing about a company is its message.


Camspire jewelry is handmade and serves as a reminder of positivity.

Camspire began three years ago as a coping skill during Polansky’s high school years. Each bead she added to a bracelet was something she liked about herself or something she was grateful for.

Polansky was noticed for her jewelry in a story by a news reporter from her hometown in Colorado. Shortly after, she had some unique opportunities to speak to high schools about bullying and self-confidence. Polansky did this to make a difference and inspire those who struggled like she did.

Since enrolling at the University of Utah, Polansky joined the Company Launch program at the Lassonde Entrepreneur Institute. The company has received office space as well as in-kind resources. “The physical office space for my company has allowed me and motivated me to work on Camspire since I’ve been in college,” she said.

She advises entrepreneurs like herself to focus on what they are saying and to keep creating even when they feel discouraged. “Don’t shoot down your goal,” she said. “Focus on the message and keep creating it. It doesn’t have to be perfect on the first try. As long as you have something you can grow from it.”

Learn more about Camspire at, or connect with them on Instagram at

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