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Dinner at Yours: Serving Food and Culture at Your Home

Can you really have culture without food, or food without culture? Hossein Dadkhah and Shahrzad Jalili would say they go hand in hand, but many dining experiences may fail to present food within the appropriate cultural context. Dadkhah and Jalili share a passion for travel, along with the desire to provide people with a uniquely intimate and culturally immersed dining experience, all within the comfort of their own homes.

Together, the duo founded startup company Dinner at Yours with the intent to change how people interact with and appreciate food. “We aspire to satisfy the world curiosity that resides within us all, while maintaining the familiarity of home,” Dadkhah said.

Dadkhah, a master’s student studying information systems, runs the business side of Dinner at Yours. While Jalili is a doctoral student in public health and a registered dietician, planning nutritionally balanced menu items for a variety of culturally centered dinners.

Hossein Dadkhah, cofounder of Dinner at Yours, believes that food should be an immersive and culturally relevant experience.

Hossein Dadkhah, cofounder of Dinner at Yours, believes that food should be an immersive and culturally relevant experience.

Menus items are rotated seasonally to feature fresh, locally sourced ingredients when available. Dinners typically contain four to five courses, and are paired with authentic dinnerware, table decoration and music to create an immersive experience. For each experience, a seasoned personal chef with an extensive and authentic culinary background will cook and serve you and your guests within your home. “We are not in the business of selling food, we are in the business of providing an experience to remember,” Dadkhah said. “We believe the best table in town is yours.”

Dinner at Yours was also showcased in “Slug Magazine,” receiving a stellar review in the July 2016 issue: “The Dinner at Yours experience is definitely memorable — something that diners should consider when they want a unique and delicious meal without having to leave their homes.”

While Dinner at Yours has received notable attention in the Salt Lake area as a rising and sustainable startup company, Dadkhah and Jalili have been very gracious toward their involvement with the Lassonde Entrepreneur Institute, where Dinner at Yours has received $2,150 in grants from the Get Seeded program and the company office space is located. “The Lassonde Institute is such a nourishing environment for new startups,” Dadkhah said, “Lassonde is the reason I’m a student here.”

If you are interested in booking an event, or attending a pop-up restaurant event, visit dinneratyours.com.

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