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Java Vending: Fueling Student Success with Quality Coffee

Meet Chase Martin, an operations and supply chain major from the University of Utah, and partner Jax Pieretti, a marketing major. Their venture, Java Vending, aims to revolutionize the coffee experience for students. Their mission is to provide high-quality, affordable coffee conveniently located around campus.

The inspiration behind Java Vending came during Martin’s study abroad experience in Europe, where he encountered espresso machines scattered throughout university campuses. Intrigued by their convenience and affordability, Martin saw an opportunity to bring this concept back to the United States. Java Vending was born, offering students top-quality coffee from state-of-the-art vending machines strategically placed on campus.

The coffee machines employed by Java Vending go beyond the ordinary, boasting a 23-inch touchscreen display and tap-to-pay technology. These advanced machines offer an extensive selection of beverages, including espresso, cappuccino, fresh coffee, flavored lattes, and hot chocolate. With customizable options for strength, sugar, and cream, students can tailor their coffee experience to their liking. The brewing process mirrors that of traditional espresso machines, guaranteeing a premium cup of coffee every time.

Java Vending brings a unique value proposition to the student community. With strategically placed vending machines around campus, students no longer need to go out of their way to satisfy their caffeine cravings. Java Vending ensures convenience, affordability, and exceptional quality, offering students a premium coffee experience without breaking the bank. It’s the perfect solution for students seeking a quick, satisfying pick-me-up during their busy academic lives.

Martin’s journey started with an e-commerce business called Krum Coffee, which shipped coffee from their home. Though it eventually closed, this experience led Martin down a path of endless opportunities and different business ventures. Undeterred by setbacks, Martin persisted and transitioned to the vending machine model. By sourcing the perfect machine and navigating the complexities of contracts, Martin overcame obstacles and propelled Java Vending toward success.

The programs offered by the Lassonde Entrepreneur Institute have been instrumental in Java Vending’s journey to success. As a Get Seeded grant recipient, Martin and Pieretti received crucial funding that propelled their business forward. The grant provided the initial boost needed to transform their idea into a tangible reality. Additionally, being part of the Lassonde Company Launch program has granted them access to valuable resources and a supportive network of fellow entrepreneurs.

In the ever-evolving world of entrepreneurship, Java Vending stands as beacons of inspiration. They remind us that innovation can be found in the simplest of ideas and that perseverance can turn dreams into reality. Join Martin and Pieretti on this exciting journey, and savor the taste of success, one cup of coffee at a time.

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David Kale David Kale, a Lassonde Studios resident and community member, is pursuing a degree in operations and supply chain. Outside of the classroom, he finds joy in writing musicals, practicing photography and cinematography, and learning any new skill he can.

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