Shop Rules

  1. When in doubt ask! Never use a tool that you are unfamiliar with!
  2. All authorized personnel inside shop must wear safety glasses (ANSI approved) and closed-toed shoes, long pants and short sleeve shirts at all times.
  3. All shop users must tie up free hanging hair.
  4. All shop users must not wear any free or loose ties, scarves or jewelry.
  5. All shop users may not use headphones while in the shop.
  6. Workers must not remove or make ineffective any safeguards, unless authorized.
  7. Machines and equipment shall be operated by authorized personnel only.
  8. No machine shall be left unattended while it is in motion.
  9. Cleaning, oiling or adjusting any machine shall be done within normal operating parameter of equipment.
  10. Materials to be machined shall be securely fastened or clamped to the working surfaces before starting the machine.
  11. Keys or other adjusting tools must never be left so that they may creep, be thrown or fall when machine is started.
  12. Use a brush, special tool or hook to remove chips, shavings or other material from work. Flowing shavings shall not be handled with bare hands; metal hooks shall be used.
  13. Operators shall stand so that they can easily reach the machine controls.
  14. Clean-up chips, spills, etc., on and around machinery after each use.
  15. No food or drink in the shop.
  16. Only authorized personnel are allowed in the shop.
  17. No horseplay, screaming or yelling in shop.