Shop Rules

[Updated: 12-1-23]


  • NO painted/stained objects or any hazardous material
  • NO free-hanging hair (please tie it up), long jewelry, ties, etc.
  • NO headphones and earbuds
  • NO food or drink (except water)
  • NO horseplay, screaming, or yelling
  • NO tampering with locks or safety devices


  • Safety glasses (ANSI approved) and closed-toed shoes ar required at all times.
  • Shop users must have a tool mentor (green apron) in the shop with them at all times.
  • Ask for help with unfamiliar tools.
  • Remain close and in control of any machine while it is running.
  • Please ask before cleaning, maintaining, or adjusting equipment.
  • Before starting a machine, make sure materials are clamped securely and there is nothing that could fly out as the machine starts moving.
  • Use brushes or hooks to remove shavings. Do not touch flowing shavings with bare
  • Clean up after yourself