Lassonde student leadership positions available. Apply for scholarships!

More than $400K in Scholarships Available Next Year!

If you love entrepreneurship, want to be a student leader and could use a scholarship, then listen up.

The Lassonde Entrepreneur Institute is more than doubling its student leadership and scholarship opportunities for next year – to more than 200 positions and $400,000 in scholarships during the 2016-17 academic year. Many of the new opportunities are for students to manage programs and activities at the $45 million Lassonde Studios, now under construction and opening this fall.

All University of Utah students, no matter what your major, are encouraged to apply online now. The deadline to apply for most positions is April 15. Browse opportunities, apply and learn more here:

Be a Participant & Leader

Anne Bastien is one of the administrators who works with student leaders at the Lassonde Institute. She says that serving in a leadership position gives students a new way to approach learning:

“There are two ways to get involved with Lassonde,” Bastien says. “There are program participants – students who join teams – and there are student leaders who run teams. In the leadership positions, you have a budget, you’re running the program, and you’re learning project management skills.”

She explains that while both forms of participation are mutually beneficial, practicing entrepreneurial skills through project management is more similar to running a small firm and gives students real-life experience.

With the upcoming Lassonde Studios, there will be plenty to do to introduce new programs, implement new ideas and bring students together. It doesn’t matter what your major is, all students are encouraged to apply for a position to lead in such a creative environment.

Student Experience

Collin Dumke

Collin Dumke

Two Ute seniors have found meaning and place working as student leaders for Lassonde – and get scholarships for it as well! Collin Dumke and Liz Morales are both directors in their positions who, upon hearing about Lassonde, figured it was just a place for business majors to learn how to start a company.

Liz Morales, now the student director over the ambassador program, applied to become a student leader at Lassonde when she was looking for ways to reach out.

“I’m not a business student, but I’m passionate in my field of study,” Morales said. “Lassonde has helped me see myself as a team player, and is intended for anyone who is willing to make a difference in this world, no matter what their major.”

Dumke had a similar experience. Finding Lassonde was a way for him to get involved, but he came away with so much more.

“Most people think Lassonde is all about building a product,” Dumke said. “For me, my interest was creating programs and events; it’s something that I became passionate about.”

Dream Big, Make it Happen

These students have both had experience not only within Lassonde programs and events, but as student leaders; they have found ways to fuel their passions and help new projects begin. Dumke was the driving force behind the Lassonde Student Development programs held monthly on campus, including Workshops, Meetups and Hours with Experts.

“Lassonde gives you an environment where if you dream it up and you’re willing to work on it, then it happens.” Dumke said. “It’s how you can make an impact in a student-driven way.”

If you’re interested in having similar experiences, making a difference, getting involved and getting a scholarship, apply now for student leadership positions! Learn more and apply here:

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  1. This is really interesting. A scholarship is the only way to help the less privilege once attain a bit of better academic career. However, if all educational sectors copy this strategy it will go a long way to boost the world literate percentage to a reasonable level.

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