The College Entrepreneur - New book by U alum Kyle Gray

New Book: ‘The College Entrepreneur’

Many students struggle to find work that is interesting and rewarding when they graduate. You can’t follow the same well-worn path of simply “getting good grades and a degree” and expect different results. In fact, a lot of the value and opportunities that a university has to offer lies outside of the classroom.

“The College Entrepreneur”, a new book by U alum Kyle Gray, is about discovering your passion, connecting with mentors and leveraging your university’s resources to build a thriving business or personal brand before you graduate. By starting a business before you graduate you learn key skills and develop a network that will lead to opportunities to do work that you love.

This book provides simple strategies you can use to access little-known resources at their university, break free of the status quo and take control of your education to get results that you want.

About the Author

Kyle Gray is an entrepreneur that helps startups and small businesses grow with content marketing. He has written extensively on entrepreneurship, marketing, leadership and productivity. He has a web marketing agency specializing in CRO called Conversion Cake. He is also and alumni of the Lassonde Institute and taught at the Foundry Utah.

Kyle Gray

Kyle Gray is a U alum and globetrotting entrepreneur.

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