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Poiz: Mental Strength Training for Athletes

Poiz is an app changing the metal game for athletes.

Founder Chase Austin grew up passionate about sports and athletics. His father coached mental performance for pro athletes, and Austin applied his teachings to his athletic experience. He went on to play Division 1 football at the University of San Diego. After medically retiring from the sport, Austin leveraged his athletic background to create Poiz – a go-to destination for improving athlete mental strength.

He is now growing the startup as a founder in the Master of Business Creation (MBC) program at the University of Utah’s David Eccles School of Business. The program supports founders with applied curriculum, personal mentorship, scholarships, and more.

“Using mental training throughout my career, I realized that most athletes don’t do anything to work on their mental game,” he said. “Mental training was a secret weapon for me, but now I want to make it more accessible for every athlete.”

Many mental training programs are complicated, generic, or expensive. Poiz offers a guided training program all in one app, available for every athlete to keep in their back pocket.

The mental training involves an experiential approach. Steps are tailored to fit an athlete’s individual needs, as physical training is. Mental reps guide athletes through game-like scenarios. Athletes visualize themselves playing at their best, preparing them to face pressure and completion with confidence. Audio training and live coaching help athletes get into flow – an effortless state of focus.

Chase Austin (pictured) created Poiz to make mental training effective and accessible.

“Poiz is changing the game by making mental training effective and accessible,” Austin said. “We’re taking proven methodologies used with top professional and college athletes and simplifying them into on-demand training exercises found within our app.”

In fall 2023, Austin enrolled in the University of Utah Master of Business Creation program to launch his company further. The MBC program has helped Austin learn how to accelerate startup growth and increase chances of success by providing structure and support through every step. “The founding faculty of the MBC program is truly a wealth of entrepreneurship knowledge,” he said.

Poiz has worked with Division 1 collegiate teams and professional athletes, including University of Utah Football and Kansas State baseball. Poiz is now partnering with high school sports teams to strengthen athlete mentality early on.

“We envision a future where mental training is the standard among all athletes,” Austin said. “We plan to continue making highly effective mental training solutions and bringing Poiz to as many athletes as possible.”

Learn more about Poiz at getpoiz.com.

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