Proximity: Software Changing the Political Landscape

Proximity is bringing politics back to the people.

Becki Wright, a founder in the Master of Business (MBC) program at the University of Utah’s David Eccles School of Business, has worked as a campaign manager, finance director, political consultant, and served in political leadership for a combined total of over a decade. No matter the candidate or elected official she worked with, though, they all used something in common: archaic technology.

“I realized that many political leaders didn’t have the tools they needed to successfully connect with voters,” Wright said. “On one campaign, I used six different programs and none of them talked to each other. I had to do a lot of manual work that made my job inefficient. And I’ve seen elected officials constantly butting up against the problem of how to be transparent, representative, and responsive — how to connect with constituents.”

That’s why she launched Proximity, a comprehensive platform connecting political leaders with their voters.

“Now you have specialized solutions tailored to what political leaders actually need,” she said. “Proximity simplifies operations to help candidates and elected officials connect more closely with voters. With our modern, compliant, and integrated campaign management software, we’re helping good leaders become great candidates.”

Proximity’s guided user setup and modern UX gives both rising political figures and seasoned office holders tools to manage voter lists and maps, donation processing, websites, community events, voter outreach, and more — all in one efficient dashboard.

Proximity founder Becki Wright.

The gap in the market for SaaS of this caliber was validated quickly. Launched in 2023, Proximity has already been featured by major news outlets like TechBuzz News and Yahoo Finance. But Wright says it’s not just media attention; she’s seeing an impact in Proximity’s bottom line, too.

“Our monthly recurring revenue is growing at an amazing rate,” Wright said. “We’re signing partnerships and contracts that bring consistent revenue we expect to continue year over year.”

Revenue isn’t her only marker for success, though — it’s changing the political landscape.

“I’ll know we’ve succeeded when we’ve disrupted politics as usual,” she said. “I want to see voters more connected with their representatives, candidates feeling supported and confident to run effective campaigns, and access to innovative solutions given to political leaders at any level. My vision is for Proximity to be the tool of choice in every state in the nation, assisting candidates and public servants in their mission to lead and represent their communities.”

Wright says the Master of Business Creation program helped “jumpstart” her 2024 growth. The program combines the best of a business accelerator with a graduate business degree to help founders grow their companies.

“I had financials, but the MBC program helped create solid financial projections,” she said. “I had started compiling due diligence items, but the MBC program required me to come up with everything I needed to have a robust diligence offering. I had thought about my marketing efforts, but the MBC program asked me to create a full marketing plan that was intentional and based in data. I had pitched before, but the MBC program helped me hone my message and deliver a more provocative and substantive pitch.”

Instead of exclusively talking theory, Wright says she was challenged to put her ideas into practice alongside an incredible cohort of other founders — and that’s made all the difference.

“I can’t imagine being a founder without access to this network of talented, thoughtful, smart individuals,” she said.

Learn more about Proximity at Or connect with founder Becki Wright on LinkedIn here.

Proximity is a comprehensive platform connecting political leaders with their voters.

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