The Lassonde Entrepreneur Institute and the David Eccles School of Business announced plans for Lassonde Studios in April 2014, with the mission of creating an incredible new facility for student entrepreneurs and innovators to live, create and launch.

Lassonde Studios mixes public space on the first floor with residential space on the upper four floors. The first floor, called the Neeleman Hangar, consists of 20,000-square-foot creative and mixed-use space. All students are welcome to use the Hangar to attend events, work on their startup ideas, build new products, eat at the Miller Cafe and more. The four upper floors at Lassonde Studios are themed and contain more than 400 unique student residences. The building and related programs are made possible by $25 million in donation from Pierre Lassonde and the Lassonde Family Foundation as well as support for many other people and organizations, including David Neeleman, the Larry H. & Gail Miller Family Foundation and Zions Bank.

“This building is the materialization of Pierre Lassonde’s visionary approach to student innovation and entrepreneurism,” said David Pershing, president of the university. “His enormous generosity and this unique building will make the University of Utah the best place in the country to be a student entrepreneur.”

Construction on the building began in fall 2014, and students moved in fall 2016. The students living at Lassonde Studios join the “Lassonde 400,” a unique community of students from every major and background.

All current and incoming students at the University of Utah are encouraged to apply to live at Lassonde Studios.

The Lassonde Studios is roughly 160,000 square feet in total. It sits near the heart of campus. The exterior design is inspired by the slopes and angles of the canyons along the Wasatch Front. The design team aspired to create an iconic building that would help attract national attention to entrepreneurial learning opportunities at the U.

“We want to achieve something that has never been done before. We want to create a community of entrepreneurs unlike anything anywhere else,” Pierre Lassonde said. “The Lassonde Studios will help make this possible by providing all the space and tools students need to do amazing things. The University of Utah is now the place to be for young entrepreneurs.”

Lassonde Studios time lapse

Lassonde Studios construction from start to finish. Groundbreaking was in October 2014.

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Facts & Figures

  • Groundbreaking in October 2014.
  • Located in middle of campus (1701 Student Life Way, Salt Lake City, UT 84112).
  • 400 students live here.
  • Ongoing campaign underway to attract inspiring students to join the “Lassonde 400,” the community of students who live here.
  • 160,000 square feet total.
  • 20,000-square-foot innovation space on the first floor called the Neeleman Hangar for events, building prototypes, launching companies — or just hanging out. Open to all University of Utah students. Select programs are open to students statewide.
  • Full service Larry H. & Gail Miller Family Cafe open to the public, and meal plans available.
  • Five floors. Public first floor. Four floors of housing and additional work space on upper levels.
  • Three housing options — single or double rooms, lofts, and pod suites.
  • Diverse and vibrant activities and events held inside. Examples: innovation and business plan competitions, product prototyping, guest speakers, startup incubator, food and beverage service, mentoring, leadership opportunities, and more.
  • Residents get additional access to more facilities, resources and programs.
  • Building and activities inside financed with $25 million in donations from Pierre Lassonde and the Lassonde Family Foundation and additional donations from other individuals and companies. Remaining building expenses are paid through rents from those living in the building.

Building Partners

  • University of Utah Housing & Residential Education
  • EDA Architects (Salt Lake City)
  • Cannon Design (Global)
  • Gramoll Construction (Salt Lake City)
  • ARUP (Global)
  • And many more!