Image Gallery

Lassonde Studios Exterior

The exterior is covered in copper that will change color over time as the copper ages and weathers. Outdoor features include a balcony on the second floor for residents:

The Neeleman Hangar

The first floor of Lassonde Studios is the Neeleman Hanger. This floor is open to all students at the University of Utah:

Themed Residential Floors

The four residential floors at Lassonde Studios are themed. In the center of each floor is a shared makerspace with a design and tools to match the floor theme:

Residential Spaces

Lassonde Studios has four housing types — lofts, pods, singles and doubles. The images show occupied student rooms with personal items. For a list of included amenities see our amenities listhousing options page and floor plans below:

Floor Plans

View our floor plan for the Lassonde Studios. The detailed plans in black and white show the floors with room numbers: