Amenities & Resources

Browse all the amenities and resources at Lassonde Studios, organized A-Z:

Bike Storage

Indoor bike storage is available for a fee and on a first-come, first-served basis. Space is limited.


University Television Services (UTV) provides cable programming to all rooms. Channels include HBO, ESPN, the PAC-12 network and lots more. Each room has a cable connection, but you are responsible for providing your own TV (unless you are in a pod) and coaxial cable. If your UTV connection is not working, contact UTV. If the outlet is damaged, fill out a Housing & Residential Education maintenance request. For support, contact UTV Services & Support at 801-581-8502, or media.utah/utv.

Campus Alert

The Campus Alert System is a messaging service that alerts students to potential weather conditions, safety threats and other emergencies that may occur on campus. This system also provides notification to residents in case of an emergency within campus housing facilities and services as a means to distribute special directions to residents as needed. University students are automatically signed up for this service. For more information, visit

Cleaning Services

Custodial staff will clean common areas of your community on a regular basis. These areas include: living rooms, kitchens, bathrooms and hallways. Staff will not enter private spaces except to access a bathroom or kitchen.


Meal Plans

As a student, you’ve got plenty to worry about without thinking about breakfast, lunch or dinner. Let us do the shopping, cooking and cleaning for you! When you live on campus, you can choose from a variety of meal plans. Lassonde Studios has a unique meal plan for residents. With a “declining balance” meal plan, you only pay for what you want to eat. Your UCard will function as a debit card and will allow you to use it at any Dining Services location, including the Dining Room in the Peterson Heritage Center.

Miller Cafe

The Miller Cafe at Lassonde Studios is open 24 hours a day with a limited menu offered between 11 p.m. and 7 a.m.

Email Newsletter & Social Media

Sign up to receive a regular email newsletter alerting you to all the upcoming events and latest news. Subscribe at Students may also get updates via social media.

Equity Office

All residents are welcome and invited to hang out in the Housing & Residential Education Equity Office, which has a comfortable lounge and is staffed by Social Justice Advocates. The office is located in the basement of Benchmark 820. Learn more at Contact advocates at

Event Calendar

All students have access to an online event calendar that outlines all upcoming events at the Lassonde Institute. Visit

Fire Pit & Grill

Residents have access to an outdoor fire pit and barbecue. Inquire at the front desk about availability and restrictions.

Front Desk Services

The front desk is open 24 hours a day to serve you and answer any questions you may have.

Furnished Kitchens

All kitchens are furnished with pots, pans, cooking utensils and other standard items.


Lassonde Studios has a variety of games available to residents, including tabletop games, video game consoles and a pool table.



Wi-Fi is available in every building on campus. Just login to the UConnect or UGuest network using your uNID and password. If you are having trouble, contact the Campus Help Desk at 801-581-4000.
Wired Internet Connection Your room has a LAN Internet connection — all you need is an Ethernet cable to connect to your computer! If your wall connection is not working, call the Campus Help Desk at 801-581-4000. If the connection point looks broken, please fill out a maintenance request or call 801-587-2002.

Wired Internet Connection

Your room has a LAN Internet connection — all you need is an Ethernet cable to connect to your computer! If your wall connection is not working, call the Campus Help Desk at 801-581-4000. If the connection point looks broken, please fill out a maintenance request or call 801-587-2002.

Key & Door Access

Temporary Access Cards

You will need your UCard to access the building. If you lose your UCard, you will need to obtain a Temporary Access Card until you can replace your UCard. These cards may be obtained at the Lassonde Studios front desk.

Loaner Keys

If you are locked out of your room, you may check out a loaner key. Loaner keys checked out from the Lassonde Studios front desk are issued for seven days and due back by 9 a.m. at the end of that time period. If you lose your key permanently, you will be charged $60 per door in your space. The total charge for a lock change is based on the type of space you live in.

Lassonde 400 Facebook Group

Residents are welcome to join an exclusive Facebook group to collaborate with other residents. Request access here:


We have free laundry facilities on each floor of Lassonde Studios. Don’t forget to bring laundry soap.


The University of Utah offers several libraries. The biggest and main one is the Marriott Library. Learn more at

Living Space

Residents get access to numerous lounge and living spaces. Find your favorite!


If you would like to receive mail while you are living with us, you may sign up for a mailbox through Optional Services in your Housing U account or by emailing

. Packages and mail are distributed by the desk when the mailroom is closed. Sign up for a mailbox number at the front desk.

Your mailing address format:

Your Name
(Mailbox #) Lassonde Studios
1701 Student Life Way
Salt Lake City, UT 84112

Maintenance & Repairs

Is something broken? Submit a service ticket at


Lassonde Studios has numerous makerspaces on the public first floor and on each residential floor.

Move-In Checklist

Are you moving in and have questions about what to bring? Review our checklist:


To park on campus, you must purchase a parking pass from Commuter Services. Guest passes are available for visitors. Learn more about residential parking options at Learn about parking on campus at

Paying Your Bill

Housing bills are available through the Campus Information System (CIS). Visit, and navigate to your Housing U page. You may pay online, by visiting the Housing & Residential Education Office or by calling 801-587-2002.

Peterson Heritage Center (PHC)The PHC is

The PHC is a main gathering place for student residents. Amenities include dining, meeting spaces, lounge areas, music room and more. Learn more at


All residents must know and follow policies and responsibilities outlined by the Housing & Residential Education Office. Learn more at

Residential Advisors

Residents are assigned to peer residential advisors (RAs), who help guide the health and wellbeing of everyone. Students are welcome to apply to be an RA. Learn more at

Residential Education Team

Two professionals live on site and are available to help ensure the safety and wellbeing of all residents. They include a residential education coordinator (REC) and assistant residential education coordinator (AREC). Among other duties, they manage the student residential advisors. Call them at 801-213-8705 (REC) or 801-213-8706 (AREC).

Residential Programs

Residents get access to all public events, plus they get additional access to resident-only events and activities. Watch for events here:

RHA (Residential Hall Association)

The Residence Hall Association (RHA) is the student government for students living on campus. RHA has multiple student boards if you want to get involved. Learn more at

Safety Escorts

You may request an escort from the U’s Department of Public Safety at any time. They will dispatch a security officer to walk with you or to give you a ride to your desired location. Call 801-585-2677.

Startup Office Space (Company Launch)

All students are welcome to apply for startup office space at Lassonde Studios through our Company Launch program. Learn more and apply at

Student Life Center (Recreation)

The University of Utah has a brand new recreation facility called the Student Live Center. The facility is a stone’s throw from the Lassonde Studios. Learn more at

Sustainability & Recycling

We are committed to sustainability and encourage students to get involved. Participate by recycling, conserving, applying for a Sustainable Campus Initiative Fund grant ( or learning about the Sustainability Resource Center (

Themed Floor Access

Residents get access to all four themed residential floors. The themes are Sustainability & Global Impact; Products, Design & Arts; Adventure & Gear; and Games & Digital Media. Each floor has unique furniture, tools and activities.

Tool Checkout

All students are welcome to check out tools on the main floor. Tools available vary and will change over time. Inquire at the front desk for details and availability.


Campus Shuttle

The U has a shuttle system that can transport you around campus. The Shuttle Tracker is the best resource to see where the current shuttles are and estimate the timing of your next ride. Shuttles operate Monday through Friday from about 6 a.m. to 11:30 p.m. depending on the route. No regular weekend service. Go to

Public Transportation

Being a student at the U gives you free access to all public transportation (bus, TRAX, Frontrunner) in Salt Lake City. Just use your student ID. Learn more at


The UCard offers one standardized source of identification and access for the institution ensuring convenience, security and simplicity. Learn more at


The Student Union is a great place to find student activities and a bite to eat.

University Dept. of Public Safety

The Department of Public Safety promotes safety and security. Police officers patrol the campus 24-7. For emergencies, contact the dispatch number, 801-585-COPS (2677).

& More!

The University of Utah is a big place. Students have access to many amazing resources and opportunities (too many to list here). We encourage you to dig deeper to find additional resources. Start at