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Thirst Drinks: A Soda Mixology Store Serving ‘Superior Customer Service’

Embracing an entrepreneurial spirit from a very young age, Ethan Cisneros, a marketing student at the David Eccles School of Business, got his start with a lawn mowing business at the age of 12. After expanding this venture for a number of years, Cisneros went on to found a business hanging Christmas lights during the winter months. Continuing to move forward in his commercial undertakings, he opened a shaved-ice business his senior year at Olympus High School in Salt Lake City. Employing 12 recruits, producing over $60,000 in sales over his first season, Cisneros’s Olympus Ice became the go-to spot for summer refreshment and hanging out. After two successful summers of running Olympus Ice, Cisneros took another major stride into the competitive market of soda mixers.

Upon his freshman year at the University of Utah, Ethan saw the soda mixology craze blowing up in Utah County and decided to bring it to Salt Lake City. After long hours of research, building renovations, branding, design and much more, Thirst was born. Thirst is a full-service drive-thru and dine-in soda mixer and treats shop located on 1300 South and State Street in Salt Lake City. Employing 13 employees (most of which are University of Utah students), Thirst opened in September of 2016 and is on track to open three more locations in the fall of 2017, including locations at the Vivint Smart Home Arena, Smith’s Ballpark and the University of Utah (we can’t wait!).

Ethan Cicneros, U student and founder of Third Drinks.

In such a competitive market, Cisneros knew he needed to distinguish his concept from his competitors’, and so he built into the business a philosophy of an unmatched, “happy” consumer experience. From the welcome, customers receive to the exceptional and delicious drinks and treats they purchase, the Thirst experience makes a “happy” impact on consumers. In Cisneros’s words, “Drinks and treats are our commodity, but what we sell is a superior customer experience.” Thirst differentiates itself through the customer-focused experience in a cheery, upbeat, comfortable environment — an experience any guest will attest to upon each visit.

With the fierce competition on the move, Cisneros knows he must be on his A game to make Thirst a continually rising success. He believes that his aggressive marketing tactics, devotion to customer experience and pure work ethic will elevate his company to the top.

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