TrailRax: Enhancing the Off-Roading Experience

Do you like off-road adventures? Adam Engelke, a University of Utah student and off-roading enthusiast, started a company to help you get more from your off-roading and over-landing experiences.

TrailRax provides USA-manufactured, roof-rack equipment, and storage solutions. “From Jeep Wranglers to all mid-sized trucks and more, our products help customers better their experience with equipment to keep them safe and venturing longer than ever possible,” Engelke said.

One of their storage solutions, the Pak Rax, is a side-mounted roof rack that uses dead space on the vehicle for storage space without sacrificing the capabilities of the vehicle. Additionally, TrailRax offers a customizable foundation of products that allow customers to build their rack how they want it.

Not only does TrailRax assist adventures to the off-roading enthusiasts who go for weeks at a time, but it also caters to the “weekend warrior.”

“Our products accommodate them by allowing the products to be easily removed for a lighter vehicle to save on gas,” Engelke said.

TrailRax provides USA-manufactured, roof-rack equipment and storage solutions.

Since starting this in his garage, Engelke’s company recently has been a part of the spring 2020 Company Launch cohort at the Lassonde Entrepreneur Institute. This has given the company access to office space and access to in-kind resources and mentors.

TrailRax is currently working on research and development to advance more products that expand on its current offerings to allow for even more customization.

One of the most motivating things to Engelke is “seeing the customers we have go out and use our products and put them to the test and then hearing their stories of how they used our products to save their jeep or other jeeps on the trails.” He added, “We value our customer base and love meeting them in person and it is so cool how we all share the same interests and similar stories.”

Learn more about TrailRax’s products at, and connect with them on Instagram at @TrailRax and Facebook @TrailRaXofficial.

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Victoria Matthews Victoria Matthews is a Business Scholar at the University of Utah pursuing a degree in marketing. She is passionate about entrepreneurship and is a writer and photographer for the Lassonde Entrepreneur Institute. She is an outdoor enthusiast, musician and writer. Learn more about her on LinkedIn here.

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