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Weg’s Seasoning: Hand-blended Spices for All

Weg’s Seasoning is a company that can help “spice” up your life! The company was founded by Nathan Finch, a University of Utah MBA student. It specializes in hand-blended spices with no MSG or artificial flavors. Finch recently received a grant from the Lassonde Entrepreneur Institute Get Seeded milestone funding program to further his business. We asked Finch questions to learn more about his company. Here’s what he said:

Why did you choose the name ‘Weg’s Seasoning?’

The company is dedicated to my grandpa. My grandpa, whose last name is Weggeland, is an excellent cook and his cooking always brings my family together. That’s why I chose Weg’s Seasoning as the name of my company.

So why seasoning?

I absolutely love seasoning! It has to be one of the easiest ways to make basically any food delicious. I am always working on creating new recipes and finding ways to use my seasonings, and the best part about it, all of my recipes are easy so everyone can make them.

Nathan Finch, Wegs Seaning

Nathan Finch is a University of Utah MBA student and founder of Weg’s Seasoning.

What do you hope to achieve with your company?

I hope to help and inspire people to learn how to cook and love how to cook! There are only a few things that are more important than cooking. It sounds extreme, but it’s completely true. Cooking brings family and friends together. Cooking also allows people to be creative and artistic while providing joy to those you share it with. It is also a very important part of life to understand where food comes from, and cooking gains greater respect for food. Truly, cooking plays a role in family, friendship, gratitude and joy, that sounds really important to me!

So what makes your company unique compared to others?

Our company provides seasonings that do not contain MSG or artificial flavors. Our motto is “strictly spices.” Also, we are launching videos on basic cooking techniques for people. We have designed our videos to be fun and entertaining while also inspiring people to cook.

Learn more about Weg’s Seasoning at wegsseasoning.com.

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4 thoughts on “Weg’s Seasoning: Hand-blended Spices for All

  1. Your seasonings are great. I recently went to The Store in the Holladay area and found they do not have them. I wanted to send them for gifts and buy more for myself. Could you please direct me to retail stores that have them? Also, can I buy them direct or online? Thanks, the steak rub is my favorite.

  2. I’m a journalism student at the U. I’m writing a story about the struggles of creating startups and the lessons to be learned from failure. I’d love to get in touch with Nathan and learn more about his experience creating Wegs Seasonings. If Nathan sees this, please reach out to me at alexanderensign@gmail.com if you are interested in being a part of my story! If anyone at Lassonde sees this, is there any way you could put me into contact with Nathan?

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