Big Red Jelly

Big Red Jelly: Marketing through Brand Storytelling

The Tiburonia Granrojo, better known as the “big red jellyfish,” was discovered in 2003. Although it is an unknown species to most, the jellyfish is considered the world’s most efficient animal. That is much like what Big Red Jelly, a University of Utah student startup, wants to provide through a marketing and strategy formula in the world of business. Blending a mix of fresh vision, sharp execution and personalized points of emphasis, the company wants to prevent clients from getting “lost in the shuffle” when seeking creative branding.

Josh Webber, a David Eccles School of Business graduate, co-created Big Red Jelly in response to the success of his most recent startup, The Society. With Lassonde Studios creative workplace environment as a foundation and working as a team, Big Red Jelly is finding success in the areas of brand building, content creation and marketing for startup businesses, and clients willing to dive deeper in their brand storytelling.

When asked how Big Red Jelly compares to other brand-building services Webber said: “There is a need for cost-effective and efficient content creation and marketing for smaller or startup businesses. While having the opportunity to run a small business this last year, one of my biggest struggles was trying to create competitive content and position it to my audience without costing an arm or a leg. Big Red Jelly fills that void.”

Big Red Jelly is a team centered around being efficient for significantly less. Their expertise stretches beyond the basic services most companies get somewhere else for twice the cost.

“Our biggest goal with Big Red Jelly is offering the highest level marketing and branding services for the most efficient price and structure,” said Cole Jones, director of PR and communications and current David Eccles School of Business student. “In order to succeed we have to constantly evaluate our own methods and make sure we exceed our clients’ needs.”

The Big Red Jelly mantra is that your brand is about you — they win when you win. So, the underlying question is … What’s your brand? Find out by learning more about Big Red Jelly on their website:

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