Make Program and Lassonde Studios

New Make Space & Tools Available to All Students

The Make Program at the Lassonde Studios has everything you need to bring your ideas to life. It’s the perfect place for students to build, prototype and design any idea they may have. “We help students across the whole spectrum,” said Kathy Tran, a student director in the Make Program. “On one end you could have a student who has a product or idea almost to the stage of being ready. On the other end you could have a student who’s there to figure out how to bring their ideas to life.”

Even if you don’t have an idea, there are tool mentors readily available to help you build the basic skills and inspiration for when you are ready. Tool mentors are available to students Monday through Saturday. They hang out in the Make area to assist and help students wherever they need it.

In order to use the tools and equipment available, you can attend safety training. Safety training is every week and will cover you for the whole academic year. The training is required to use many of the tools and equipment. The prototyping and tool rooms are used on an individual basis, all you have to do is ask the tool mentors for access. “Tool mentors are your pathway to this program,” Tran said.

The program and space are open to everyone on campus. They have everything from heavy-duty sewing machines to 3-D printers (see a sample list below and the complete tool list here). “Long story short we provide a workspace for students who don’t have the space or the right equipment elsewhere. It’s a space for students to pursue their passions,” Tran said.

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Upcoming safety training

Resources available

Tool Room

Oscilloscopes, power supplies, multi-meters, wire, heat-shrink tubing, bread boards, helping hands, soldering stations, cameo silhouette, sewing machines, iron, paper cutters, batteries, tape, paint brushes, glue, pencils, pens, markers, hammers, clamps, pliers, allen wrenches, glue guns, scissors, miter boxes, chisels, heater gun, vices, sand paper, files, staple guns, cleaning supplies, hot knife, gloves, safety glasses, earplugs, steel tap and die set, pipe bender, and respiratory masks.

Prototyping Room

CNC miller, 3D printers, soldering stations, and laser cutter.


Table saw, drill press, drills, hand torch, angle grinder, nibbler, jigsaw, plunge router, miter saw, and scroll saw.

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