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U Alumnus Publishes “The Story Engine”

University of Utah alumnus Kyle Gray just published a new book to help you use content marketing to grow your company and brand. “The Story Engine” is an entrepreneur’s guide to content strategy and brand storytelling. The book makes the case that every entrepreneur has a story to tell, and it’s the most powerful asset for promoting your company. Get the book on Amazon here:

“Every entrepreneur has a story to tell, whether they’re running seven-figure startups or small personal brands,” Gray said. “Your story is the most powerful asset you have at your disposal. It can cut through the noise and connect you with your customers. Content marketing is one of the most affordable and powerful digital marketing tools available to tell your story at scale.”

Kyle Gray, The Story Engine

Kyle Gray is an alumnus of the University of Utah and the Lassonde Institute.

Gray began his entrepreneurial journey at what is now the Lassonde Entrepreneur Institute. After graduating he joined a startup called WP Curve and helped them grow to seven figures in revenue with content marketing. He has taken what he learned to help dozens of startups and small businesses create scalable content marketing strategies. He specializes in creating step-by-step processes and templates to automate and delegate. Gray has also taught at The Foundry, a program at Lassonde Studios that helps students learn the key skills in management, leadership and productivity to build and run businesses and creative projects.

“The Story Engine” provides everything you need to reap the benefits of content marketing. You’ll learn how to plan content marketing success early and how to avoid common pitfalls. You will explore how to build a team to handle time-consuming parts of creation and still feel secure knowing that your content fits your unique brand. The book also includes easy-to-use templates and resources to help you take action right away.

Maybe you’ve considered content marketing to tell your story, but instead of opportunity, you see setbacks. Creating content takes a lot of time and energy. How is it that some entrepreneurs can produce tons of content, run a business, and still have time to relax with their kids at the end of the day? Find out by reading “The Story Engine.”

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