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Sensor Arrays for Prosthetics

Nick Witham, a biomedical engineering Ph.D. student at the University of Utah, founded GAIA Technologies with a goal to change lives through better prosthetics. GAIA is doing this as a prosthetics component company that builds sensor arrays to measure muscle shapes. The outcome: More affordable and higher-functioning prosthetic limbs. GAIA’s sensor array technology can be […]

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Improved Online Collaboration

When Carter Davis, Dallin Childs, Anthony Diep, and Paul Muehleip were tasked with creating a senior capstone project to complete their computer science major at the U, they decided to create something that would improve teamwork online. Enter the decentralized web application “CRUV,” or, Create, Read, Update, Vote. This web application uses blockchain technology to […]

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Making Telehealth Mainstream

While participating in the inaugural year of the Master of Business Creation program at the University of Utah’s David Eccles School of Business, was able to facilitate millions of virtual meetings for healthcare providers and patients during the pandemic and make significant improvements to its telehealth platform. provides a simple, free, secure, and […]

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