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Find Your Pitch Using Pitchbook: Marriott Library Resources

Pitchbook is a new business research database from the Marriott Library. PitchBook contains information on private equity deals, venture capital deals, mergers, acquisitions and more. Use PitchBook to establish benchmarks, find real-time data on deals and gather information on investors and competitors. Things you can do with Pitchbook Find valuation or financing of companies such […]

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From the Meaning Unicorns to the Definition of ‘Entrepreneur’: An Interview with Troy D’Ambrosio

Troy D’Ambrosio is a serial entrepreneur, assistant dean at the David Eccles School of Business and executive director of the Lassonde Entrepreneur Institute, which have a top 10 ranked program for entrepreneurship. He has been deeply engaged with countless startups companies as a founder, investor and mentor. D’Ambrosio knows what it takes to go from […]

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SHERO Close to Manufacturing Biodegradable Feminine Pads

Amber Barron, a student at the U studying material sciences and engineering, has created the first completely biodegradable menstrual pad. She worked on this project with current team members Amelia Heiner and Aruna Dhungel and former team members Alicia Dibble, Sarai Patterson, Ashlea Patterson and Ben Bradford. Working with Professor Jeff Bates, the team first […]

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